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When asked whether the body of Jane Doe #1, the one that washed up on a beach in the late 1990s, was that of an alien abductee, Dr. Robertson responded: "Absolutely, yes, I can tell you that the body found was that of a young, attractive woman from the early to mid-twenties who had large breasts and a well developed physique, and was of a thin build. The tissues were too loose for the time of her death, to be accurate, to be 12 years. [That suggests the body had been in the water too long for her to have been a normal human being. But it is in the brain that I feel she was altered. And, as you may recall, she was found with a very unusual type of injury to the brain which indicated to me she was not of human origin." Dr. Paul Robertson is also the author of two books: (1) The Many Faces of the Alien Agenda: Exploring the Link Between UFOs and Extraterrestrials (2) The Abduction Phenomenon: Extraterrestrial and Cosmic Bodies that Affect the Human Body (3) Physical Evidence for UFOs: Secret UFO-Base, Humanoids, and Spaceships Discovered in the U.S. Government and NASA Records (4) Die-Off: A Silent Epidemic That Has Affected the U.S. Population (5) The Extraterrestrial Origins of the God Virus, the Christ Virus and UFOs in the New Testament Dr. Robertson, as a NASA consultant, studied the condition of astronauts who were exposed to high altitudes. (This included Dr. Robert Cabal in Gravity's Rainbow). He has also done extensive work on the impact of extreme altitude on the human brain. In a 1998 interview with Tom Horn, Dr. Robertson discussed his career in special education (which included work with deaf children, as well as autistic children). "I have very little contact with the media. I don't like the media very much. There was a time when I had to, and I thought I had to, but I've gotten away from that. If they get in your face, they can cause a lot of trouble. If they act like they're trying to do good, like they're working for a good purpose, I don't mind. But I do mind when they're just self-centered. When I see that, I just tune them out. They're like children, and



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