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Naomi L. Hill Hugh, MD is a board-certified pediatrician who cares for children from birth to young adulthood in a nine-physician practice in southern New Jersey for more than 20 years. Twice, she has been named a “Top Doctor” by the NJ Top Docs. 


When she married Kelvin, they blended four hearts: theirs, and those of their two sons. They looked forward to raising their children in a home filled with joy and having their marriage reflect love. They hoped theirs would be an example to other blended families. 


What unfolded was not the “happily ever after” they expected but rather a stretching, far beyond the limits they could ever have imagined. 


Blended Beyond Expectation is a snapshot in time that invites you into the heart of a wife and mother. How does her heart recover from loss and respond to suffering? Witness her journey as she struggles to honor and respect her husband while desperately trying to save a prodigal son. 

Share in the rebirth of her spirit as she hopes and trusts for total restoration. 


Naomi’s hope is that you engage in a journey through your own heart as you:


•learn from lessons intended to develop inner strength; 


•ponder questions designed to make you think deeply and insightfully; 


•seize the opportunity for music to heal; 


•welcome words of encouragement to water your dry season; and


•engage in acts of kindness for yourself or another. 


Come along and take this journey with her

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