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Hi, I’m Dr. Naomi! 


I am a physician and life coach. 


As a physician, I empower through medicine. As a coach, I empower through the development of personal growth, inner strength, and emotional freedom. 


My coaching philosophy is to empower you to get out of your head and into your heart so that you can transition from a place where you are to where you want to be. 


You will be taught:

to recognize the barriers of your past;

to break down your present limiting beliefs, and to live empowered in a balanced future. 


As a board-certified physician and certified life and group coach, I know that it’s not about making a diagnosis. It’s about guiding you to identifying your pain points and finding solutions to getting you “unstuck.” 


I possess the skills, abilities, knowledge, and wisdom to help you set boundaries and find balance; to progress you from your existing situation to your envisioned future.  


Confidence, abundance, and victory are matters of the heart. 


I work with women who are ready to put in the work to create the future they envision. 


When women are empowered, families are empowered! 


Are you ready to take a heart journey and live empowered?! 

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